Gun Cerakote Service and Laser Engraving

Cerakote Services, a cerakote certified applicator outside of Houston, Texas, has been doing custom cerakote work for years and knows how to do it right, creating a long-lasting finish without damaging the firearm. It seems you can’t go on the Internet these days without seeing someone offering to cerakote your Glock. How can you tell high quality cerakote service backed by a lifetime workmanship warranty and affordable cerakote pricing from shoddy work that looks good on Instagram but won’t provide protection from the elements? Easy – go with Cerakote Services, the FFL 07 with thousands of cerakoted items under our belt. Did we mention a lifetime workmanship warranty? You won’t need it, but it’s there.

Lifetime workmanship warranty

Lifetime workmanship warranty

cerakote certified

What is Cerakote

There are a lot of coatings on the market, and while you’ve probably heard the word cerakote a lot, you might not know what sets it apart from the rest. A cerakote finish is a thin-film ceramic coating which offers, in various formulas, extreme corrosion protection, chemical resistance, and thermal stability along with excellent durability. These outstanding properties, as well as its availability in a wide variety of colors, have made it the most popular choice for firearm refinishing. Corrosion resistance is a major benefit provided by cerakote, important for those near the ocean as well as those who carry daily, while its durability has been proven in military and law enforcement as well as high volume training settings. It’s equally at home on a duty rifle and a one of a kind carry handgun in stunning and contrasting colors. Whether you want to make your carry gun more attractive and rust resistant, provide a loved one with a beautiful and functional gift, or help your duty weapon blend in with the environment, Cerakote Services is here to serve you with your cerakote refinishing needs.