What is Cerakote?

Cerakote is a special ceramic coating that is combined with a polymer component to deliver one of the most versatile and long-lasting finishes on the market today. It is used to coat virtually any surface, but is especially popular when used to cover wooden or metallic surfaces. With its unique chemical formula, it provides superior physical characteristics and enables the items to enjoy a much longer lifespan. Perhaps most notably, it is immune to corrosion, which means that a proper application will protect the surface from falling victim to this problem as well. It also has extraordinary abrasiveness resilience, which lets it stand up to quite a bit of abuse. Next, it is impervious to most chemicals, which means it can stand up against whatever harmful elements it might encounter. Finally, it provides extreme hardness and superior impact strength, which has helped it gain popularity among the shooting community.

Your Gun, Your Choice

One of the prominent reasons people turn to this sort of finish is due to the vast number of cerakote color options available. Anyone will find it easy to locate a color that fits their personality. Among those colors, we find that many female shooters like to check out the Tiffany Blue or Victoria Pink finishes. Alternatively, those who want an aggressive look might consider the Spartan Bronze or Burnt Bronze color. This is just a small taste of what we have to offer. In addition to a wide selection of colors to choose from, we also offer patterns and multi-color options. This way, you can find a custom layout that really suits your needs. Whatever you decide on, the tough exterior makes it an excellent choice whether its for long-term display, for regular use at the range, or for everyday carry. For more details, make sure to check out our available cerakote colors page. If you have more questions about this unique finish, pick up the phone and give us a call or check out our frequently asked questions page.