Cerakote Pricing

At Cerakote Services, we offer the finest cerakote work in the industry, and we make it available on a wider variety of products than you’ll find anywhere else. You might think this level of quality and availability means incredibly high prices, but you’d be mistaken. We offer highly competitive pricing that will enable you to have the item you want cerakoted done without you having to sell a kidney.

Pricing for firearms is available on complete rifles, pistols, and shotguns as well as individual pieces like AR upper and lower receiver sets and pistol frames and slides. We can refinish your firearm in a single color or in multiple colors as well as using unique patterns, and you’ll find our pricing for these items to be competitive and affordable.

On the automotive side, you should know that we’re gearheads who care about our cars. We’ll refinish your headers, valve covers, suspension components, turbos, badges, and more as if they were going on our own vehicles. Cerakote is superior to powdercoating for many parts due it its durability, corrosion resistance, and heat resistance, and we can meet or beat many quoted prices for existing, inferior automotive coatings.

Drinkware is an area where we are seeing a lot of interest and one where we offer custom work at a great price. If you’ve ever wanted your favorite team, school, or corporate logo on a YETI or RTIC tumbler but want something that looks a lot classier than a sticker, especially if you want team colors applied to an entire tumbler, check out our affordable prices. They’re easily worth it, especially when you make it to a game and everyone is asking you where you bought that team gear.

On the sci-fi end of things, the sky is the limit. Want cosplay gear done right, not cheaply mass produced, and made to look like your favorite space fighter pilot helmet or interstellar law enforcement member body armor? Ask us for prices on custom work.