Become a Cerakote Dealer

Dealers, distributors, and manufacturers interested in having Cerakote Services perform large volume, high quality Cerakote jobs on a wide variety of parts and products should take note of our professional work. We back all our coatings with a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty and offer up to 25% off volume pricing. Although we primarily focus on the firearms industry as that is where the greatest application for Cerakote has been demonstrated to date, we also cater to other markets including knives, automotive parts, the oil & gas industry, and drinkware.

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Knife Manufacturers

Knife manufacturers, custom bladesmiths, and knife dealers should be interested in Cerakote for its ability to not only change the color of a blade, scale, or grip, but also protect it from corrosion and wear. Some blade steels offer excellent corrosion resistance, but the hardware used to assemble a blade is often not up to the same level of protection. Protect the rest of your design or make a custom edition with accent colors thanks to the use of Cerakote.

Auto Parts Dealer

Automotive parts have long been finished in a variety of colors, with powdercoating being one of the most popular options. While powdercoating looks good at first, it doesn’t have the same level of impact, wear, and corrosion resistance as Cerakote. Also, while we can be very flexible in how we apply Cerakote, powdercoating can be difficult to apply to parts of a certain shape or size due to the positive and negative charges required. Cerakote also offers extreme temperature resistance and will not chip as easily from minor road debris the way powdercoating will, making it an excellent choice for exhaust manifolds or headers that need a durable, impact resistant, and rust resistant coating.

Oil and Gas

The oil & gas industry often operates in extreme environments, from the bottom of the ocean to the farthest reaches of the desert. Valves, fittings, switches, pipes, and more need to be protected from the elements while also offering some inherent lubricity so they may be assembled and fitted quickly and easily. Cerakote offers these benefits and more, and as it’s available in high visibility colors, it can be ideal for use in remote or austere locations.


Drinkware is another area we have recently started to embrace. Professional, college, and amateur sports team names, logos, and colors can be added to high quality RTIC & YETI tumblers, bottles, and cups to provide an extremely durable and long-lasting finish that won’t peel or flake off over time. We can do the same for corporate and educational clients as well.

Gun Stores

Of course, the firearms world has fully embraced Cerakote and we’re happy to provide gun dealers with pistols, revolvers, rifles, and shotguns we’ve refinished in tactical and less tactical colors and patterns. We’re at the leading edge of custom gun refinishing and we can guarantee that a Cerakote Services handgun in your display case will be very popular with walk-in customers. As we are an FFL07 & SOT, we can do and have done SBR/SBS, AOW, sound suppressor, and machine gun cerakote work.