Custom Cerakote Refinishing Services Online

Protect your expensive equipment and valued possessions with a durable – and colorful – coating, known as Cerakote. From outdoor furniture to bicycle gears and frames, sunglasses, knives, optics, camping equipment, watches and even firearms, you can help guard your expensive investment from corrosion, abrasion and rough handling. In addition to protection, you can also fit out your favorite items with a special color scheme, from the stealthiest camouflage to the brightest, flashiest pattern. You can have it all! Cerakote Services offers custom work to help you make your personal equipment as individual as you want.

What Is Cerakote?

Developed by NIC Industries, Cerakote is a liquid ceramic coating that bonds to virtually any material to provide an ultra-thin, hard, stable layer that resists abrasion, corrosion, chemicals and even ultra-violet radiation from the sun. Once applied and cured, Cerakote provides a layer that is just 1 to 2 mills in thickness, bonding so well to the surface that it meets the highest scientific standards for durability. It can be applied to any type of metal, wood, plastic and composites – anything you need protected. Since the coating is so thin, the function of even precision parts is unaffected and any patterned surfaces, including checkering and engraving, continue to show through.

Laboratory Tested, Real-World Proven

Since its introduction, Cerakote has proven itself to outperform any other type of coating. NIC Industries has subjected this material to a wide range of tests, using ASTM Standard testing methodologies, and it has passed them all with flying colors. In every area, including adhesion, hardness, durability, resistance to abrasion and corrosion, chemical stability, even flexibility, Cerakote has proven that it can stand up to extremes of conditions and use. In the field, owners who have Cerakote-treated equipment report the highest levels of satisfaction.

Our Coating Services

Trained technicians at Cerakote Services can take any existing item and create a long-lasting protective coating. Ship us your favorite rifle, watch, motorcycle or automobile engine part, handgun, shotgun, fishing reel, knife, golf clubs, skateboard, helmet, guitar, spurs, lighters, canes or crutches, lure boxes, light switch covers, boat propellers, tools, handcuffs, holsters, ax heads, hip flasks, tool boxes, bowling balls, welding goggles, video game controls – anything you can think of – and we will prepare it to your specifications. Choose the colors and designs; the only limit is your imagination! If you want, we can even help you plan a unique look. Call us for additional information.

Standard and Custom Colors

Although Cerakote is definitely not paint, it can be tinted to any color as if it were. If you want to make something look tactical, you can choose armor black, Flat Dark Earth, desert sand, foliage green, tungsten, satin aluminum, or any other stealthy color you want. Or, go wild: choose zombie green, the brightest shade of orange, Tiffany teal blue or the pinkest of pinks (always a good choice for the gift of a Valentine's Day firearm for a wife or girlfriend). Make your motorcycle, ORV or truck tougher and cooler with a custom Cerakote application; from external gas tanks to bumpers and hoods, help your investment last longer. If you can think of an application, we can do it. We like to be challenged!

New or Old

Use Cerakote Services to help protect a new item, before it has a chance to be scratched or corroded by the cruel, harsh environment. Or give a favorite item a fresh look. New or old, we can provide the toughest coating on the market, and in the color scheme and pattern you want. If you are thinking about creating a promotional item, a new look for your business or sporting club or even if you are manufacturing a piece of equipment that you want to give the highest level of protection, we can help you come up with the color, pattern and logo that will make it stand out.

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